Create Your Style

Show us your Creativity

Have you ever thought about creating a T-Shirt Design?

Do we have a contest for you!

For the month of February we are having a Designer Special contest.
It's free to enter and the winner gets showered with celebrity status, bragging rights and you'll get 2 shirts of your design. The very first ones printed will be for you. We will also give you a $25 gift certificate to use at the 1257.

So how does it work?

  1. Create your design in either a Spring or Outdoor category. This can be drawn on a napkin or created in a simple app like Canva. This is just conceptual - so it doesn't have to be overly detailed. 

  2. Snap a picture of your napkin drawing or send in your png/jpg file to  We are not judging on artist talent but instead on ingenuity of concept. If you want to drop it by the boutique you can do that too.

  3. Submission dates:  February 5th - 25th, 2021

  4. We will announce the finalists on March 1st

  5. The Finalists will be notified and their designs will be posted up on the 1257 website and Facebook page. 

  6. We will feature one finalist design a day starting on the 24th tagging the artist so they can share with their friends. The artist will be encouraged to share their design on their Facebook page. 

  7. On the March 6th we will announce the winner!!

Who can enter:  Anyone.  Any age.  Any talent level. Bring your ideas to life!

How are winners chosen: Winning design will be based on 50% social media vote and 50% panel decision.

Award: Grand Prize winner will receive 2 shirts printed in their design - hot off the press. Plus a $25 gift certificate to the1257. The design will be featured in our store and online for the month of March.

Small Print: We will modify the design and format it in the best way for screen printing. This must be an original design. If you have any questions please send them to